Mega Volumes


Mega volume lashes are long full lashes extensions. This is done by using large Russian fans to give a glamorous look.

Russian lashes


Russian lashes are light weight, hand made fans attaching 3+ lashes to one natural lash creating full, dramatic, diverse look.

Hybrid lashes


A combination of individual lashes and Russian fans to give a textured, fluffy look. Perfect for an everyday style.

lash lift and tint


Extensions not for you? great! We have a service which elevates your natural lashes and dies them black. Giving a constant mascara look for 6-8 weeks!


Price vary on style

An infill is when 40% or more of your extensions are remaining and we simply fill in the gaps to give you a full look. Usually every 2/3 weeks.



A reshape of your brows using wax along with tinting your brows to enhance your natural brows.

Brow Lamination


Lamination is the latest trend in the world of brows! Lamination is designed to provide you with the brow she you want and give a fuller look. Keeps your brows perfectly in place for 2 months! (Includes a wax and tint)